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Treating and assessing learning disabled students

It is extremely important that therapists be aware of the biases affecting their thinking and judgment. In a clinical setting therapists frequently draw conclusions biased on heuristics derived from initial impressions of their clients. These impressions can range from assumptions of intellectual competence to social aptitude. However, these conclusions, frequently, do not accurately represent reality.

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The most important ingredient for a happy retirement

Sarasota and Venice, FL attract many newly retired and veterans to the retirement seen. Most everyone can agree they are hopeful for the pursuit of happiness. This study and the attached article might be very helpful…     Today’s retirees tell us in no uncertain terms that the number-one ingredient for a happy retirement is,

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What’s in a diagnosis? Is it even helpful?

The current diagnostic system  has created sharp distinctions between those who are “ill” and those who are not. Labeling people in this way not only affects how society “mental health” but may also interfere with our accurate understanding of what is really occurring and what will be helpful for these people. This article reports that

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