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Transgender child: Press Release- NPR ‘Becoming Nicole’

Below is a press release sent to NPR shots about a recent story:
Your recent story ‘Becoming Nicole’ Recounts One Family’s Acceptance Of A Transgender Child

Story is a powerful one not just in light current events in the media but the process of the story may reflect a longer standing struggle. I practice is a licensed psychologist in Venice Florida at Charles R. Davenport, Psy.D., LLC. In my experience, humans are afraid of things which are unknown and may tend to separate themselves from them or avoid them and protection. It seems as we learn more, as humans, incorporation allows more progression. This suggests we need to look at things that may be scary or that we are certain are incorrect perhaps as an artifact of our fear.

I heard your story on my commute was glad it was being shared. If there are listeners to your story who could benefit from support or knowledge in this area I hope my practice can serve as a resource. Thank you for sharing. Here is another great resource in the Sarasota and Venice area for transgender

There is so much that is unknown about gender identity… perhaps a new fronteer

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