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Are you depressed? Depression may not be what we expect

As is the case with many things related to mental health, depression may be misunderstood in popular culture and by many people. You might be surprised to learn that most people have symptoms of depression over the course of their life and depression can even be adaptive. When things are not going as we would hope in our lives we can wind up feeling depressed which results in a narrowing of our focus and potentially an opportunity to reassess our lives. The article linked below discusses aspects of depression that are more subtle and not as well-known. 

Dr. Charles R. Davenport works with patients on understanding how to use depression to help us get out of depression. One of the hard things about depression is it leaves us frequently feeling hopeless or, in the early stages can have us denying anything is occurring which makes it hard for us to tackle the problems head-on. Please contact Charles R Davenport Psy.D. LLC. to see Dr. Davenport in either his Sarasota or Venice Florida locations.

Psychologist Venice, FL- Dr. Charles R. Davenport

Charles R. Davenport, Psy.D., LLC. Licensed Psychologist- Dr. Charles R. Davenport

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