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Difficulty performing academically?

Dr. Davenport discusses and provides resources to better understand students who have difficulty performing academically. These students may have a learning disorder, difficulty with attention, or intense emotion that interferes with their academic performance. Significant changes in the students life, difficulty regulating emotion, inattention and concentration problems, and giftedness can all result in academic underperformance however, the connection between these is frequently misunderstood.

Charles R. Davenport Psy.D. LLC provides counseling and therapy services for students, their family, and schools to better understand and advocate for the unique needs of students. Having an appropriate diagnosis and understanding of the problems each student faces allows the most accurate diagnosis and plan to address the problem moving forward.

Many times providing stimulants for attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity disorder (ADHD & ADD) increases academic performance, attention, and sense of emotional well-being however there are many risks. These risks include covering up the symptoms rather than understanding the cause of the problem as well as setting up a dynamic to take an external substance to make things better in someone’s life. If the student is struggling with emotional difficulties and are provided a substance to take to regulate this discomfort they may be at risk for substance abuse later in life when they experience emotional difficulty. It can be helpful to aid students and probably most people in identifying resources within them to overcome their own difficulties rather than finding something outside to “fix” a problem. Additionally, stimulants are known to have risks such as weight loss, increase in anxiety, increased irritability, nailbiting, and sleep disruption.

Many times school systems do not notice students who are performing at grade level. However with gifted students performing at grade level may constitute a significant discrepancy from their overall ability. The students frequently are not identified to be assessed or eligible for accommodations in school. for this reason it is frequently helpful for parents to bring to the school’s attention these discrepancies even though the students grades may be passing. Not adequately addressing the needs of gifted students who have discrepancy in their ability can result in negative feelings of self and one’s ability or even interfere with the student thriving to their maximum potential in their areas of strength.

Here is a great resource for parents would like to request an evaluation by the school for unusual learning patterns.

Requesting assistance for learning disorder assessment

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