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Is your desk cluttered? If it is your mind might feel that way too.

A lot of times we hold on to belonging so we can be prepared or have what we need when we needed. Frequently these external items can become symbolic representations of things that are happening inside of us.when we reform our space physically it can also bring significant mental changes.

American Psychological Science has found that a tidy desk can support generosity and  healthy eating.

“Most of us are operating in a state of chronic stress; we’re always on,” David W. Ballard, Psy.D., the assistant executive director for the American Psychological Association‘s Center for Organizational Excellence previously told HuffPost Healthy Living. Adopting a sense of tidiness is how some people are “able to really stay focused and stay organized do things to manage their stress effectively,” he said.

Here are a few tips to work our way through…

1) Expect that things are likely to feel worse on the short run. When we take on change or face what we have been avoiding we tend to feel feelings associated why we avoided in the first place.

2) Keep focus on both the long term goal (cleaning or getting de-cluttered) and the short-term (working toward making change). If our feet are moving toward our goal we can say we are making progress even if we did not accomplish a complete goal as expected.

3) Look for the positive. Ask yourself “what does this add to my life?… do I need to keep it to feel better?” Keep things that bring joy.

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