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Anxiety and Its Treatment

Anxiety is the body’s reaction to stress, usually the fear about what is to come. Most individuals are afraid and apprehensive on the first day of school, making a speech or a job interview.  However, if your anxiety symptoms are severe, linger for more than six months, and interfere with your daily life, you most

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Should MD’s do ‘biopsychosocial’ biopsies?

A recent Washington Post article by Michael W. Kahn, began: “The patient was a college student newly admitted to our inpatient psychiatric unit. Her boyfriend had dumped her by text and then ghosted her. She got tipsy, swallowed a handful of pills and sent several “goodbye” messages on social media. Panicked friends called 911, and

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Want to live longer? Be an optimist suggests study

A recent study, researchers from Boston University School of Medicine and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, found people with the highest level of optimism had an average 11% – 15% longer life span than individuals who did not work to think positively. In addition, the most optimistic individuals had the greatest chance

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Dad’s mental health effects kids a lot

There is not a whole lot of information about Dad’s mental health and its impact on his kids. Far more common is the discussion of mothers well-being and its impact on children. Previous research has indicated that depressed mothers have altered immune function, are at greater risk for psychological disorders and may react to stress

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New guidelines to help recognize depression in teens

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) just released guidelines for pediatricians to help diagnose depression in teens. One in five teens will experience depression at some point in adolescence, according to new findings. The AAP has called for every child 12 years and older to be screened for depression. How to help your child thrive

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Meditation may help treat anxiety

Meditation and mindfulness meditation in particular  have been trending in popular culture in recent years and have been found to be beneficial in treating anxiety. There is a fair amount of existing research  that suggests  meditation  changes the way  our brain functions  and our brain structure. Research recently discussed through media outlet Forbes looked at a small

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Can people change or is personality set?

A recent study found  that personality can change more than we once thought.  It was believed that  once personality  develops it is generally set and only able to change slightly over a significant period of time. A new study finds, that with therapy or counseling, with a professional,  personality  is able to change more rapidly and

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Living with regret?   Regret, and emotion most people are familiar with and one most of us don’t care for. Regret has been defined as the experience we have when we realize we may have had a better outcome  if we chose differently. Many times having more opportunities  can create a greater opportunity  for regret (Roese, N & Summerville,

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Is your smart phone controlling you?

Smart phones, a powerful tool in our modern culture… According to Wikipedia smart phones combine the features of the cell phone with a mobile computing device capable of high-speed Internet. With these amazing tools we are able to do many more things at the drop of a hat. We “CAN” be more productive. We should watch

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