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Neuroscience, compassion, and what helps change

What compassion means in the body and how we can work to find change, James Doty, a brain surgeon who studies neuroscience discusses these topics and more in his book The Magic Shop of the Brain. A recent episode of NPR’s On Being invites Dr. Doty to discuss his experiences in life, with compassion, and finding positive chance.

Can Compassion  Help us Change?

Some of Dr. Doty’s ideas seem overly simple for many people to be able to realistically implement to find lasting change. Just redirecting our mind to things that are more positive can be helpful in the short run, but in the long run, can leave us susceptible to the alerts from our bodies that were causing the unpleasant or negative thoughts or feelings in the first place. So using redirection in the short run so we don’t bogged down and can more aptly see the big picture can be a piece of the change.

However, there are many points in Dr. Doty’s presentation that might be helpful, at least ,and critical as most to find therapeutic change in life. We may not be able to change what we have lived through or done to ourselves or others but we can influence what we do when these memories, worries and feelings arise. If we can find compassion for all parts of us we and work toward integration and more peace. This does not mean we will not feel things that stink, but that over time we can work toward reacting differently.

There are so many questions out there but working toward understanding where we begin and others end is powerful as well as having an incorporative viewpoint that allows both vantage points to be considered and preserved.

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