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Job stress might be killing you and what you can do about it…

Many times stress can be a motivator however frequently it serves more of a negative function in our lives. When stress occurs in the workplace, know as job stress or career stress, intensity can increase because our performance is likely tied to our financial security.

According to a 2014 Stress in America survey by the American Psychological Association work is the second most common source of stress among US adults ranking only behind financial stress. In addition, 60% of adults described their jobs as a somewhat significant or very significant source of stress. Experts suggest that workplace stress affects us differently than other forms of stress.

Since performing well at work can be correlated with making enough money we are more susceptible to agreeing to things we would not otherwise agree to the work environment. Another way of saying this is that it is easier to say no to a spouse or a child than to your boss. However, if we wind up saying yes when we “should” be saying no or if our saying no is not respected the impact on her health can be hazardous.

Another powerful exercise can be making an inventory of what we spent most of our day doing and comparing it to an inventory of what we love most. This exercise is simple but can be powerful in assessing opportunities to make change in our life.

Dr. Charles R Davenport is a Licensed Psychologist who provides services through Charles R. Davenport, Psy.D., LLC. with offices in Sarasota and Venice, Florida. One of his areas of clinical focus is working with professionals in high stress careers to thrive and best cope with job stress.

For more information on stress and its impact on our health check out Charles R. Davenport, Psy.D., LLC. fact sheet on stress.

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Mindfulness, antiaging, fountain of youth?

In recent years mindfulness has become a hot topic in popular culture. Meditation, the book- The Power of Now, Marcia Linehan’s dialectical behavioral therapy for borderline personality disorder, yoga, and even martial arts all have common threads of hope for increased health and aim to focus on the present moment and our experiences in it. This is described by some as mindfulness.

In addition, recent research in neuroscience suggests that focusing our senses in the present moment while using frontal lobe function ( executive planning, impulse control, “playing the tape through” to see if the outcome is something we would like ) places us in the best position to be resilient in life. These functions also mitigate the impact of dopamine which research also suggests contributes to impulsive, compulsive, or abusive behaviors ( eating disorders, gambling, substance use problems, addiction to gaming, ect). While some dopamine can be a positive thing, we have found that it’s sustained-release augments  frontal lobe slowdown which can manifest as impulsivity, and activities and thoughts frequently seen with addiction, anxiety, depression, and adhd. 

Dr. Davenport works at Charles R Davenport Psy.D. LLC with offices in Venice in Sarasota Florida providing counseling and therapy services for adults and children struggling the situations similar to the ones discussed here.

Check out this recent article on how meditation may protect the brain from aging.

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